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2 min readJul 24, 2021

Have you ever heard of the sound of Atlanta being brought to the North? Do you know someone in NYC who is truly inspired by Atlanta from attire to music production?

Well, let me introduce you to MK Loaded, also known as The Big 23, who brings the fun, melodic sound of Atlanta to New York City to inspire those to be their most authentic self like the great Young Thug has done! This is MK Loaded’s first single of the year, so it is definitely great to hear it. The recording artist/entrepreneur is continuing the momentum from his last single, “Jumpin (Yeah, Yeah)” into his new single, FeFe. FeFe is bound to have Atlanta and New York partying in a VIP section with MK Loaded .

The single, FeFe, creates an aesthetic that mixes the sound of Atlanta from a production perspective with the gritty lyricism of New York. In this cover art, we think that this song is going to be heavy on the lyricism as it may invoke word references and allusions that deals around chaos and war. You are mistaken, my friend. FeFe is a song of endless catchy hooks and verses that makes you want to move your head and feet. The transitions and the subtle alibis has made me go back and back and BACK AGAIN to the track to fully unpack the single itself. Overall, it is a solid statement for MK Loaded as he continues to roll out the year.

It’s going to be a great year for MK Loaded, and I am curious to see what follows after FeFe. Who knows? I do know you can definitely support this hard working artist by giving him a listen and his new single a new listen. Check out my favorite line off the single below.

Favorite Lines off FEFE

Sippin on red you sippin on green

My piece d up what the fuck do you mean

The money the motive the money i seek

Cream cream cream cream cream cream cream cream

MK Loaded (FeFe 2021) #WeAllWeGot

The Journal of Anthony Obas

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